About Us

Our mission is to become a magic wand in bathroom renovation

Who We Are

Renostralia is a Perth bathroom renovation company and one stop solution for design and remodelling. Renostralia consists of a team of professionals representing the absolute best in bathroom design and renovation. With an extensive background in Perth service-oriented work, we create affordable and unique bathroom designs for our clients. By staying current with the latest trends in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles we provide our clients with a highly educated and experienced team of designers whose designs are on the leading edge in the industry.


Our team provides expertise in design, installation, plumbing, tiling, plastering electrical – all the elements of a successfully completed renovation project from start to finish. Our Team works with our clients to understand all parameters important to successfully complete the renovation project be it a Perth commercial remodelling or a suburban bathroom renovation. This ensures that the result matches our client’s vision. We think it is important to have understanding of your needs.

Why Choose Us

 We Love Renovating Bathrooms

We aim to work with our clients on a personal level, designing the bathrooms that fits their needs perfectly.

 We Have Great Designers

Why wait for days to get your bathroom designs organized when our bathroom designers can do the job within 24 hours.

We are often told that our designers come up with great ideas. This is because they have practical skills as well. It is a lot easier to design something if you can build it. Makes sense.

 Excellent Tradesmen

Our internal tradesmen are well trained and experienced.

They undergo stringent training program and supervision before they can work on their own.

Most of all, they are great people.

We have all you need for your bathroom renovation

our design studio - bathroom renovation perth

Our specialised design studio

internal tradesmen

Our internal tradesmen

bathroom renovation planning

Bathroom renovation planning

An initial consultation translates what you would like to achieve into specific projects that fit within your budget and lay the groundwork for transforming your ideas into finished bathroom. Suggestions for tile colour scheme, layout, tap ware, lighting and renovation/custom work can be covered in this first meeting.

Our team of qualified tradesmen is experienced in all aspects of bathroom renovation and our internal communication is second to none. Make a slightest change to your original plan and everyone in the team is aware of it. And you are right! Each team member knows how it could possibly affect their part of work.

Although money is necessary part of your bathroom renovation it is important to know what you are getting for the price you are paying. We provide you with multiple options so that you can decide the best scenario for your budget. You can visit our Advice page or you can use "Get a Quote" page to contact our team.