How to take photos of your current bathroom that is easy to view

A picture showing floor, then a close-up of vanity and then suddenly picture of the ceiling, would leave anyone clueless about the actual space . Taking random photos of a bathroom is not the way to go.
To give someone a good idea of what your current space looks like, you will need to take series of photos. So when you’re sending us photos of your current bathroom keep in mind these few tips:

• Start with a reference point – we suggest taking first photo from the entry and then left most corner of your bathroom
• Take pictures from left to right
• All photos should have an overlap
• Include combination of both – overall view and smaller details
• A minimum of 10 photos

Another option is to take panoramic images video of your bathroom but we still need to be able to take snapshots that apply to the above principles

Here are a few examples where clients have taken photos and sent them to us and when you exactly their current bathroom looks like.