Have you ever seen a bathroom where things are just not in the right place? The vanity right next to the shower screen, making it really difficult to clean; or as you walk in, a vanity might be too close to the entry so you have to go around to avoid hitting the corner of it . These are all common examples of poor layout consideration before starting the installation process.

Take a look at the pictures below. The vanity and shower screen are so tightly together making cleaning impossible. Any watermark stains or dust that gets in between will always be visible.


Tight space between a shower and vanity can be a visual eyesore and a cleaning inconvenience

Layout is an elementary part of a bathroom design. It shows information about the bathroom components such as position and size of vanity, shower, bath tub, and spatial relationships at the same time.

When creating bathroom layouts the objective is to boost functionality in terms of space. The colour of the tiles or brand of a tap are not of concern here. If necessary, you can change your mind and have a different tile colour just before tiling begins.

It is a good practice to consider several layouts before going into decorative details. This is why we give our clients a tip to worry about tiles later.

You can think of a bathroom layout as a map of your bathroom. It is a map that you and everyone involved in your bathroom creation should  understand.


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