Product Selections


We have a great way of helping with your bathroom products. We create visual panels for each of your bathroom layouts. All of  the components for your new bathroom are in this panel.  This is an amazing feature!

Buying products on one-by-one basis before you determine  your design is not something that we would recommend.  This is not just because you could get it wrong but  returns may be costly. The products, and we’re talking about all of the bathroom products including basins, vanities, shower mixers, tiles,  and so on, should all be decided on in one go.

Bathroom products determine how your bathroom will look. In order to help you visualise your selections, we create photorealistic images.

We can help you choose products for your bathroom.

When we create photorealistic images of your bathroom, we also supply you with a product list.  And each product has a link to it’s page with the full specs. The pages are also connected to the original supplier so you can click and be taken to their site.