Online Bathroom Design

the start of design process

Any bathroom design process has a hit-and-miss nature to it. Sometimes it takes a few or more separate bathroom designs to get it right. But it's not always just about getting it right, it's also about getting some more options that you can choose from. First let's look at the benefits of online bathroom design.

Online Bathroom Design is a Time Saver

One of the key benefits of online bathroom design is that it is actually online, which means that you don't need to make appointments with a designer for every little change you want to make to your design. There is no waiting for someone to see you. There is no need for phone call and no waiting for someone to call you back. So it doesn't really take any of your time, hardly any. All it takes is a few simple comments on whether you like the design, maybe you would like to make some changes to it, or you would like to add some other features, or maybe you want to include some new product that you found. You can also ask any questions you like. Ask how much it would cost or any other concerns that you may have. All you do is just type it in, at your own convenient time, and go back to your life, while professional designers do all the work.

Easy to Make Changes and track them

The flow of the design process and changes that are made stay on record. When we start off with your first bathroom design, we create preliminary version, based on the information that you provided us initially. We put together layouts and product list. Now this is pretty cool. If you want to make any changes you can.

You may want to make changes for the following reasons:

  • You want to see more options for your bathroom space
  • The costs exceed the budget you had in mind
  • You want to change the products

Creating options that are easy to follow

Each of these layout and product list combinations represent an option for your bathroom renovation. Essentially that means a different price for different scenario. It may require different amount of work for two different layouts. The price of products can vary as well. Two baths that look almost identical can have different price tag on the order of magnitude. From layout we can tell how much work will need to done and we can give you a quote for labour. On the product list you can easily see how much it will cost for all the products and materials for your bathroom renovation, and you can make changes to these accordingly. If you change the layout – the price of labour can change. And if you change the products the price will also change according to the changes in products.

Holistic Approach to Bathroom Design

Another key element is the holistic approach that we take in creating your bathroom design. Each design version has all the elements you need to create your new bathroom – layouts, product selections and photo realistic images. to see how it would look if you choose precisely that design version. It is all nicely organized. Imagine if you had to do this via email. Keeping and tracking all the changes would be a complete mess. It is much better to keep it together in one set. Finally let’s not forget about the convenience of it all. You could be anywhere anytime.