Practical Work


Before we start to demolition of your old bathroom, we make sure that the rest of the property is safe and well protected from dust.

We first remove the things that you may want to keep from your old bathroom. Often people want to keep the mirror or cast iron bath.

After that we remove the old vanity, shower screen, towel rails and lastly tiles.

This takes about 4 hours on average to complete after which we clean up and leave your property tidy.

Usually, on the next day, we work on plumbing. Installation of mixers is very common. Although, some people prefer to have separate hot and cold taps.

The plumbers work by the specification and design as well. This is something we are good at. Every single member of the team knows the design and understands what is expected from them. It is also important that they can think 'out the box'. Just because something is in the specification, they must have the necessary experience to evaluate them, and even suggest better solutions.

Day three - time for screeding, rendering and removing plaster from the walls. At this stage we also build up baths and hobs. We need to make sure that the shower recess area drains properly.

And once the surfaces are dry, we need to water-proof the wet areas

So if we started demolition work on Monday, we would normally start tiling of the floors on Friday. This process requires a bit of skill and experience.

Week 2 - Wall Tiling and Grouting While bathrooms are usually fairly small rooms, 2x2 bathroom tiled up to the ceiling/cornices makes abut 20 m2 of wall tiling.