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Need help with powder room in laundry

Posted: 2015-10-27

Time: 11:10:41

hi, I have a typical 1970s home where the shower and toilet are in the laundry. I want to know if it firstly is possible to brick up the current shower opening and then the remove the wall between the toilet and shower. This would then create a narrow but self contained little bathroom.

If that were possible I would ideally then like a smaller toilet installed, a small sink/vanity and a shower installed.

My husband and I have a few mini projects we want done so before approaching the bank I need to know what this kind of project would cost. I have attached a few photos that hopefully help, due to the size of the space it was hard to get a good shot!



Renostralia team

Posted: 2015-10-27

Time: 15:10:16

Hi Carissa
Thanks for the photos!
Yes, the idea you have would work fine. I would also suggest sliding door and back to wall toilet. The space is proabely tight when you are trying to close the toilet door.

The question I have is what would you do with the rest of the floor? When the shower/ toilet floor is tiled, are you planning to tile the rest of the laundry floor and have a contious surface?

You could also have the shower area fully tiled and the rest just skirting.

First week would involve preparation - demolition, brickup, plumbing tubout, screeding and waterproofing .
Then a second week would involve tiling the floor ( 1 day) and then tiling the walls (depending on what you decide). After the tiling is done and grouting finshed the plumber would install the toilet and fit off the mixer, basin etc. And after that you may need fix up the ceiling and replace the fan.
So it would take about 2 weeks to complete the job.
As the budget goes - you should have a minimum and maximum. I'd suggest 7-9k for the labour part (depending on what you do). Then you have the products and materials.

The tiles you would need: 15 sqm for the full wall tiling and 2.5 sqm for the floor.
For a full and final spec-up design and quote you can contact sales@renostralia.com.au


Renostralia team

Posted: 2015-10-27

Time: 15:10:36